From Student to Professionals with HEART

The H_Generation Liga SEPA Program is a brand new concept developed by Hu-Friedy and Spanish Society of Periodontology and Osseointegration; it is specially developed for young, keen professionals at the earliest step of their career. Their enthusiasm is so inspiring that Hu-Friedy and SEPA are willing to encourage their vocation with a specific and dedicated program. Following their education since the very beginning, we work alongside dental students to support them in expressing skills and developing ideas. They are young, dedicated, fresh and passionate: they are the future, they are Hu-Friedy SEPA generation.

From University to H_Generation Liga SEPA: Students, get ready to join the Community!

“The H_Generation* represents the current and the future excellence in the dental context, even a behavior, a mindset and definitely what a student aspires to be” – says Riccardo Lepre, EMEA Institutional Manager at Hu-Friedy, who was strongly committed to this program since the very beginning. “From student to practitioner, Hu-Friedy is proud to be an important part of their professional careers through educational programs worldwide, inspiring performance and the quality of the dental care.”  Through the Hu-Friedy University Program, the students are followed in their professional growth and are inspired to be part of the H_Generation* community.

Last April 2018 in Seville, during the SEPA Congress (Spanish Society of Periodontology and Osseointegration) where the first edition of H_Generation was launched by Hu-Friedy and SEPA, even the EDSA (European Dental Students Association) had the opportunity to know in depth what the Liga SEPA is about. Tin Crnic, EDSA EVP Officer, met the Scientific Board of SEPA, discussing together new ways to include the European Students community in the Liga contest. Giana Spasic, Manager Key Opinion Leaders Strategy Europe at Hu-Friedy, is very proud and confident about the success of this opportunity. “Thanks to the collaboration of SEPA, the project allows Hu-Friedy to encourage young professionals to present their first cases and have the chance to further develop their skills in presenting their work”, says Giana Spasic. Hu-Friedy has always been committed in supporting young professionals providing a great number of services and programs.

Inspired by Key Opinion Leaders

“We hope that the upcoming generation of dentists can be inspired and guided by those Key Opinion Leaders who work with the highest level of ethics and have made a huge impact on dental community and patients’ health”, adds Giana. “Speaking of which, Dr. Rino Burkhardt, who organised the Swiss Perio Education Week in Zurich, will host the winner of the first edition of Liga SEPA H_Generation”.