Interview with Fabio Molinaro

VP and Managing Director EMEA and Africa

For over 20 years, Fabio Molinaro has led Hu-Friedy EMEA in its commitment to delivering a dental total solution that comprehends service, education, consultation and support before and after sales service. We asked him to share with us the secrets of Hu-Friedy’s advanced technology and constant innovation in the field.

Fabio, what message do you want to convey to Clients and Partners visiting Hu-Friedy at the Europerio 2018?

The Europerio 2018 gives Hu-Friedy another precious opportunity to implement the vision to become a Total Solution Partner for clinicians. Not only the best quality products, but also a whole range of services including a keen attention to education from the earliest stage at the University, with a dedicated Program, throughout the entire profession of the clinicians.
Some of our products are the result of the Company’s strong commitment to innovation, driven by a deep understanding of the real needs of our customers, for example the still innovative Everedge 2.0 Technology, the new Titanium Implant Scalers  we have just launched and the complete Swiss Perio Kit, created in collaboration with Dr. Rino Burkhardt: there’s no better choice than this kit for Periosurgical work. Furthermore, concerning our robust and “evergreen” Instrument Management System Solution, in this Magazine you will find some of the most interesting IMS Stories about proficient dentists who shared their experiences after having implemented the Hu-Friedy Solution.

What is the secret of Hu-Friedy’s innovation and what is its role in Europe?

The collaboration between the most influential dental professionals and the Hu-Friedy engineers is the secret for our continuous innovation that, combined with the talents of our team of experts all around Europe, Africa and Middle East referring to the European locations based in Frankfurt, Tuttlingen and Milan, allows us to anticipate the needs of our customers in every country and build a customised solution.
One of the latest example of technological tools created to improve the efficiency of dental professionals is “Hu-Friedy Sharpening Assistant”, an Alexa Skill available with all Amazon Echo devices that can guide you step by step through the instrument sharpening process thanks to its vocal instructions or even tutorial videos: you just need to say to Alexa the instrument name and then, follow along. Even with an history of over 110 years since its foundation, Hu-Friedy always tries to keep updated with the new technologies.

This seems an innovative tool and a great addition to Hu-Friedy's total solution. How has the dental community responded?

Dental Professionals across Europe have enthusiastically favoured this approach and reconfirmed their continuous trust and support to Hu-Friedy. We are constantly working to further develop new partnerships with the very people involved in the industry, such as key opinion leaders, specialists, private practitioners, universities and educators.
Our role implies a focus on education and innovation, clinical partnerships, postsale service and support for the clinicians to perform at their best. Contributing to the success of our customers is the best reward for us.