IMS Infinity Cassettes - Top and Preferred Product 2018

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Hu-Friedy Infinity Series Cassettes were voted Top and Preferred Product for 2018 by Dental Advisor!

An implemented IMS System with Hu-Friedy Cassettes offers a high standard of organisation.
IMS® cassettes are made of long-lasting, low-maintenance stainless steel. Soft, colored silicone rails securely hold instruments throughout the processing cycle.
Available in over 100 different sizes, configurations and color options, and can be specialized to meet your needs.
The IMS Infinity Series cassettes from Hu-Friedy feature a uniquely and sophisticated design with a revolutionary new hole pattern - for optimal use in thermodesinfector.
A more ergonomic, user-intuitive latch gives visual indication that the cassette is locked or unlocked. The cassettes have been designed to be compatible with all cleaning equipment, including TDI.

For more informtion on IMS visit Hu-Friedy website.